Our Mission

We digitise and connect large businesses to emergent markets by facilitating collections and payments in real time.


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We provide a fintech-as-a-service solution for Businesses and Financial Institutions that help them scale their financial operations across Africa and beyond.

Dreamoval is a licensed West African Fintech that processes and sends millions of transactions every day in different currencies (USD, EUR, GHS, ZWL) across all payment channels. We develop large payment and collections ecosystems for financial institutions, governments and large continental merchants with complex operations.

Our ultimate vision at DreamOval is to be a catalyst for development in Africa and other emerging markets by harnessing the power of technology in becoming the largest financial processor of payments in Africa. From small boutique stores to the most sophisticated banks and retailers, we partner with innovative companies in the implementation of cashless solutions all across the continent. Our solutions help our customers reduce cash related issues, and accept payment from more sources.

Our Products

Merchants and service providers benefit from a one-stop-shop collection platform that makes bill payments simple and convenient.
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Financial institutions can now offer the best-in-class Omni-Channel digital financial solutions to their customers.
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Customers are able to send and receive money to individuals and merchants from their mobile device at the best rate in Ghana and Zimbabwe

Kindly observe the outlined steps to escalate any challenges you face while using any of our systems.