5 Commercial Tips to get Ready for the Touristic Season


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5 Commercial Tips to get Ready for the Touristic Season

digital , 23-12-2019

This is the time of the year, when most of us, all over the world make big plans for vacation, trips for fun and recreation. For those willing to cross national borders, ayeeko! Welcome to Ghana – the country at the centre of the world – with the belly bulging like a cocoa sack! As years go there are fewer as memorable for tourists as 2019, the “Year of Return”. Going into the ensuing year, we expect many more people, moving around the country, in search of restoration, pleasure and enterprise. Local businesses may require five friendly tweaks to their operations to cash in on the windfall and raise the likelihood for repeat visits.

Tip 1

It is not enough to have any business website; it should be mobile responsive. That’s jargon for: the website should automatically scale the content to match the screen size on which it is viewed. Tourists are smartphone users and this makes for pleasant browsing experience.

Tip 2

Sign up for online aggregator sites that enlist businesses. This makes it easy for prospective clients to locate you and do business. 

Tip 3

Perhaps, one positive referral is worth a hundred sponsored ads. This is a peak period, and businesses need to be on alert to respond to online reviews, particularly, those into hospitality.

Tip 4

A lot more people are swiping, clicking and tapping to pay. These are changing customer buying patterns, the products they are choosing and the rate of footfall. In just a week, you can get your business ready to process cards, online and USSD payments.

Tip 5

Give tourists something to come back to. Aside from social media, e-mail newsletters provide a practically free means of keeping up with customers. Visitors to your business can opt-in during their transactions.


Apply these tips to your business and share how their effect with us,