DreamOval develops SmartGrid Digital OS for Banks in Ghana and Africa


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DreamOval develops SmartGrid Digital OS for Banks in Ghana and Africa

digital , 25-01-2019

DreamOval, the multiple award-winning, innovative and disruptive software and Technology company in Ghana recently launched its latest product for Banks – the SmartGrid Digital OS. The new product is set to disrupt the banking industry as it bridges the divide between what customers really want from their banks and the products their banks offer.

Research indicates that the customers of banks define their own financial journey with their banks depending on the channels and services their bank offers and what they are most comfortable with. The role of the bank is not to define the channel or services the customer uses but craft a world class experience for each channel their customers interact with to create loyalty and brand stickiness.

What is the SmartGrid Digital OS?

Dreamoval has developed a world-class Digital OS which serves both the customer and the bank.  The SmartGrid Digital OS is a digital foundation that will assist financial institutions to compete and orchestrate best-in-class customer journeys in a digital-first world. It combines the functionality of traditional core banking systems and advanced Financial Technology to improve consumer banking channels (web, mobile, USSD, branch, ATM).

The SmartGrid Digital OS was developed on premise that the most successful brands globally have technology at their core and directly address the needs of customers. An example is the trillion dollar company, Apple. Apple is built on great user experience and even better technology.

Transform your Bank with the SmartGrid Digital OS

Grow Organic Revenue:  Augment organic revenue by being everywhere your customer is. Drive rapid sale of products and services with multiple avenues for customers to interact and transact.

Secured Competitive Advantage: Keep up with your customers by offering and maintaining a competitive edge with SmartGrid’s best-in-class financial solutions.

Lower Operational Costs:  Choosing to go digital helps minimise redundant labour and mundane tasks. This has a direct positive effect on any bank’s operational cost.

Greater Agility: Half turn around time for all your banking services. Accelerate the delivery of your banking services and products with SmartGrid’s omnichannel Digital Banking Platform.

Solutions powered by the SmartGrid Digital OS

The SmartGrid Digital OS currently offers these solutions:

  • Omni-Channel Digital Banking Platform
  • Omni-Channel Corporate Banking Platform

Omni-Channel Digital Banking Platform

Successful banks focus on an integrated approach that spans a seamless user experience across multiple channels. SmartGrid’s omnichannel Digital banking solution ensures your customers access all banking services across multiple customer touch points at speed and scale. With the SmartGrid Digital OS, your financial institution ensures that each touch point interconnects and contributes to the overall customer journey.

Our Offering:

Omni-Channel Corporate Banking Platform

The SmartGrid Omni-channel Corporate Banking solution combines an agile core with powerful analytics and a seamless multi-channel user experience platform to have one view for all your corporate banking needs The Omni Channel Corporate Banking Solution provides a ‘financial supermarket’ for the bank’s business clients to perform any banking transaction with their bank with one portal.

The corporate banking solution offers:

  • Transaction Approvals
  • Client enrollment, KYC capture and new account opening
  • Inquiries and limit management
  • Business credit card statements, payments
  • Bulk Money Transfer
  • Bulk Invoicing
  • Bulk Bill Payments
  • E-statements
  • Service Requests

In a statement by Yaa Asantewaa Agyemang Otu, Business Development and Sales Mnager at DreamOval, said ‘Bank customers are always evolving. If banks are not evolving as fast their customer, then they will be left behind. The SmartGrid Digital OS, offers the perfect platform for Banks to stay ahead and be dynamic in meeting the needs of their clients.’

For more information on the SmartGrid Digital OS, send an email at sales@dreamoval.com.