DreamOval Supports MEST Virtual Training


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DreamOval Supports MEST Virtual Training

digital , 26-05-2020

The world is no longer the same. Every aspect of our lives has been affected by the COVID-19 virus. A sector particularly affected by this outbreak is Education. Most classes globally have been moved from physical interactions to virtual environments. MEST, an Africa-wide technology entrepreneur training program in Africa, was not left out. In spite of the lockdown and prior to it, classes at MEST were occasionally held virtually, therefore, the transition to a full-time virtual classroom was not onerous. 

Occasionally, MEST invites key industry professionals to teach students selected modules and share their experience on how said modules are implemented from the theory to reality. Two team members from DreamOval, Henry Sampson and Joseph Djomeda were invited to teach the Systems Design course from the 27th April to 5th May.

Henry, co-founder Senior Vice President, Engineering, Innovation & Insights, and Joseph, Vice President, Solutions Delivery and IT, took a group of EIT’s(Entrepreneur-in-Training) through a 20-hour training on the Systems Design course. Each module was laced with a good mixture of over 10 years of experience in the tech field. Overall, the lesson was holistic as students had scheduled quizzes, resource materials, deliverables and projects submitted in order to ascertain assimilation of everything taught.

When asked about the training, Henry had this to say. ‘DreamOval has always been passionate about developing world-class talent right here in Africa. We are happy to always help and sincerely hope this is the beginning of many more collaborations. The MEST virtual training opens a new avenue for drawing resources from all corners of the world to help build up students. There is definitely an ongoing paradigm shift to improve education globally. This will continue post COVID and expand the reach of quality resources to students as the usual process of battling traffic and all other external factors which may hinder the physical appearance of an invited lecturer will be greatly reduced.’

Joseph, co-lecturer with Henry,  mentioned that it was refreshing to see people from all over Africa being a part of the course. He said ‘MEST reaching out to DreamOval is a plus for us and all the EITs whom we have impacted with real knowledge. ’

Olufemi Adewumi, Director, Training Programme, MEST Africa, thanked the team for their effort in the training and said, ‘We are grateful to the team from DreamOval for holding a full virtual class on System Design. The module was rich, deep, very well delivered and was well received by the EITs. We are convinced that DreamOval has made a huge impact on them and that this goes in no little way towards their preparation for the Entrepreneurship journey.  We look forward to having representatives from DreamOval again soon.’

DreamOval Communications Team