Let’s Launch this Eunice!


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Let’s Launch this Eunice!

digital , 13-07-2018

At DreamOval, smart is beyond churning out insanely great innovations. To us, being a smart brand goes hand in hand with being part of the story of the growth of our teammates. We believe empowering them to continuously live up to the brand’s mission and their own personal goals is the way to go. Our teammates make us and we appreciate them.  

One way our team stays motivated is through writing. Almost every teammate at the oval owns a blog or occasionally pens down their thoughts. We give no restrictions to what you should write about so there is some good variety in there – from musings of project managers to personal religious views- we got it all.

A sterling teammate though has taken her writing to the next level by co-authoring a book on the fundamentals of Kotlin. Eunice Obugyei and Natajaran Raman have co-authored a book with the title ‘Learn Kotlin by building Android Applications.

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that runs on the Java virtual machine which first appeared in 2011. In the book, Eunice and her Natarajan take us on an exciting, educational and methodic journey of learning Kotlin. In the opening chapters, we are introduced to and given a strong grasp of the Kotlin language and its APIs. Further chapters in the book introduce readers to the Android Studio IDE and Kotlin’s basic programming concepts.

You are in for one totally enthralling read regardless of your grasp in Kotlin due to the fact that this book is a mighty tool for all; whether you are completely new to Kotlin or you are an advanced Android developer who wants to learn to use Kotlin.

Totally overwhelmed by how excited all of us at DreamOval were for her about the subtle online launch of her book on Friday 22nd June, Eunice had this to say,

‘Writing this book gave me a new level of respect for writers. I went through a cycle of excitement to frustration and back to excitement. When I got the proposal from the Editor in June of last year, I was very excited about an opportunity to work on a book for Android devs but soon realized it wasn’t as easy as I thought. It’s been a stressful but exciting one year. After seeing the book on Amazon, all the stress seem worth it.’

We all couldn’t agree more, Eunice.

If you are interested in learning Kotlin, here’s a link to purchase Eunice’s book loaded with a wealth of knowledge.