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Online Bill Payment Marketplace

Provide support for your bank’s business customers with Billbox. Help them modernize and simplify their payment process through our comprehensive payments and commerce platform. We provide support for:

Ecommerce Clients

Offer plugins and shopping carts to your e-commerce clients to process payments via credit/debit cards, mobile money and bank accounts with your bank as their settlement bank.

Brick and Mortar Clients

Empower your brick and mortar commercial clients with the fastest and most convenient solutions to make and receive payments with QR Codes or USSD through mobile devices.

Bill Payments

Your bank’s virtual market place

You probably already have billers and services integrated to your ecosystem. With the power of SmartGrid Digital OS, we provide a Biller aggregation platform, Billbox, that houses your billers, adds to your existing billers and displays them on a larger virtual dedicated marketplace that connects them to more than 100,000 new potential customers that are already using cashless payments.

Billbox is a bill aggregation platform that makes bill payments and collections simple and convenient for service providers and their customers. Billbox provides features that allow service providers(billers) to monitor bill payment, manage their customers/bills, and foster customer loyalty. It caters for security, audit trails, nimble integrations and provides a wonderful user experience.

Additionally, Billbox provides a central location for collections where banks can receive payments on behalf of their billers. The service takes care of the technicalities setting up merchants so you can focus on your relationship with your merchants and service providers.

Billbox works in two ways;

Billbox Integrator:

Billbox integrators are mostly Financial Institutions who are connected to Billbox in order to receive payments on behalf of service providers. Billbox simplifies future integrations to your institution’s ecosystem by provisioning a back office management system that fast tracks integrations over API or file uploads.

Billbox Biller

Billers are service providers who need to collect payments from their clients for services or goods rendered. Billers currently on Billbox include schools, churches, airlines, verified NGO’s, insurance companies, organisations, utility providers like electricity water and many more.

Billers hosted on Billbox benefit from these new payment channels at no extra cost;

Banks (branches, internet and mobile banking)

Web Portal (Card & Mobile Money)


Mobile App and Mobile wallets

Vendors, Retailers and Field Agents.


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