3 Secrets To Greater Customer Support

Customer support is essential for customer satisfaction and retention in any business. In many  companies, especially within the field of technology, the responsibility for customer support is placed on the customer service team to ensure maximum customer satisfaction

Customer support is an art. For any art to be properly executed, there is a need for an artist. The customer support executive is that artist. As a support executive, having the right state of mind should be your major priority to great customer satisfaction. Passion is vital. You need to understand that your customers are giving you a unique opportunity to create a mark of distinct artistry.Once a customer likes a service and is satisfied, you can be sure he will keep coming back and refer others to your product or service. However, if the service is poor, the customer is less likely to work with you again.

Here’s how to give greater customer support;

Be Nice

Everyone, including customers, want to be treated nicely. Treating customers with respect, personalised attention, greeting them with enthusiasm and going beyond to resolve any problems and issues will keep customers coming back.

Customers will always recall a good customer experience as well as a bad one. Give them a cause to come back continuously. Happy customers help spread positive word-of-mouth to family and friends. (Nicole Long:

Be sincere – customers know

We all can tell when someone is not being sincere to us. In mastering the art of customer support, sincerity is key. It is also important that you save numbers of your customers in order to address them by their names in successive interactions with them. Once you mention a customer by name, he begins to feel important, acknowledged and respected. He is then able to see you as a friend and tell you specifically what his issues are without doubt.

Be consistent in your words and actions

Customers are not always happy. They can be irritable, frustrated, disturbed or very worried. It is needful that you are consistent in both verbal and non-verbal ways of communicating with them. For support services where you physically meet customers on a daily basis, your non-verbal actions really matter to the customer. It is a giveaway to whether you are empathetic to the customer’s needs. The tone of your voice and speech when speaking to customers is equally needful. For instance, “..I am very sorry about that, but not to worry I am here because of you. As soon as I am done assisting you with this, you will be fine.” is surely better than ‘I will get back to you when I deal with it. There are other matters to deal with.
These customer service secrets will help make customers happier with your brand.

It will be nice to have your thoughts on customer experiences below.