Ghanaian Businesses in COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought clarity to why more Ghanaian Businesses need to enable digital payments and assets. However, are businesses using these digital payment channels and assets to their optimal?

In this short and precise article, we will run a simple analysis of three main digital assets and how Ghanaian Businesses can improve using them.


Ever since COVID began, shops and businesses had to close down totally or allow only a limited number to access it at a given time. The best viable option to keep up sales was for businesses to opt for a website. However, having a website does not infer that your sales will magically increase in a couple of days. The website must be set up well on the internet and Google. SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, must equally be done right in order for your site to actually be seen when people look for items you sell online.

After setting up a website, set up Google Analytics to understand how traffic comes to and leaves your website. Your website data from Analytics will give you a clear vision of what kind of ads you should run and for which audience.

Online Payments

The whole point of setting up a website is so a business can transition daily activities online. Setting up an e-commerce website means there needs to be a simple payment option that offers convenience to your customers to pay via any channel of their choice. There are quite a number of such payment process and example of which is Slydepay. Slydepay gives your customers the option to pay via USSD, Mobile Money and card payments online after a transaction is closed off online with your business.

SMS & Email Receipts

After payments are made, customers need to be notified with a receipt. In times past, most businesses would have given out a printed paper receipt, however, in the wake of the pandemic receipts can and should be given via SMS or Email. Qikli Messaging offers businesses improved convenience by giving them the opportunity to push receipts via SMS and email to customers. This saves time and cost and helps businesses to build a solid contact list for future marketing campaigns.

Do you own a business in Ghana? Are you struggling to transition payments to a full Digital system?

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